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Vote Yes On Issue 1

Allen County Government Entities Unanimously Endorse State Issue 1 On May Ballot, 4-10-14

Elected officials from county, city, village and township governments in Allen County met April 10th to endorse and urge voters to vote “Yes” on state Issue 1 on the May 6th ballot.  With bi-partisan support, the Ohio Senate voted 31-0 and the Ohio House voted 90-2 to place Issue 1 on the May ballot.  Issue 1 is for the renewal of the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) bonding program of local infrastructure projects that has served local Ohio communities successfully for the last 27 years.  Voters will be asked to approve Issue 1 which authorizes the sale of up to $1.875 billion in bonds over 10 years for local communities to use for road, bridge, sewer, water and other infrastructure projects.  First approved in 1987 and renewed overwhelmingly by voters in 1995 and again in 2005, the SCIP program has helped local governments in all 88 Ohio counties deliver over 11,500 much-needed infrastructure projects while creating and maintaining jobs in the construction industry in Ohio.

The OPWC uses the bond monies to provide up to 90% of the financing for local public infrastructure improvements through the State Capital Improvement Program (SCIP).  The SCIP is a grant and loan program for local governments to use for funding projects for roads, bridges, water supply, wastewater treatment, storm water collection, and solid waste disposal. The projects are approved annually by a local District 13 Intergrating Committee made up of local government officials from an 8-county region. The State of Ohio pays for SCIP projects with the sale of bonds, which are paid back out of the state’s budget. No new taxes or taxes of any sort will be created if Issue 1 is approved by voters.

Collectively, Allen County’s cities, villages, townships and county government have received over $36.7 million in financial assistance in 27 years from the SCIP program since its inception.  Such monies funded, or helped fund 140 projects totaling over $71 million in overall project costs. SCIP funding has also been used as matching money to leverage other federal and state funding for infrastructure projects. Specific programmatic awards by project and funding type for Allen County communities may be found on the attached Allen County SCIP Program Assistance Report published by the Ohio Public Works Association.  The other type of funding shown on the attached report is the Local Transportation Improvement Program (LTIP) which is funding derived from a 1 cent per gallon gasoline tax enacted in the 1980’s.  The LTIP program is not part of Issue 1 on the May ballot.

On April 10th, the Board of Allen County Commissioners approved the endorsement and support of Issue 1. Immediately after the Commissioner’s meeting April 10th, a press conference was held in which Tim Piper, Allen County Engineer and Chair of the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) District 13 Committee spoke in general about the importance of renewing Issue 1.  Howard Elstro, Director of Lima Public Works and OPWC District 13 Committee Secretary spoke about the importance of Issue 1 to cities and villages in Allen County.  Jerry Gilden, Marion Township Trustee and member of the OPWC District 13 Committee spoke about the importance of Issue 1 to the townships in Allen County. 

Officials from the two cities, seven villages, 12 townships and county government in Allen County were at the press conference.  All city and village councils and boards of township trustees in Allen County unanimously endorse the renewal of Issue 1. More information regarding Issue 1 may be found at: Click here for a Fact Sheet about Issue 1.  Click here to view projects built in Allen County the past 27 years using State Capital Improvement Funds.

Shawnee Road Bridge & Roundabout Project


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Lt. Governor Mary Taylor Visits Allen County Garage For Press Conference, 1-23-14

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Today, January 23rd, Lt. Governor Mary Taylor visited the Allen County Engineer's garage to hold a press conference regarding ODOT's Ohio Bridge Partnership Program.  Other speakers that spoke at the event were Senator Cliff Hite from the First Senate District, Representative Matt Huffman, Representative for Allen County, Jerry Wray, ODOT Director, and Tim Piper, Allen County Engineer.  The original press release regarding the Ohio Bridge Partnership Program may be found by clicking here.   For remarks from Tim Piper, Allen County Engineer, click here. Also, see photos below.

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Allen Co. Eng. Tim Piper
ODOT Director Jerry Wray
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ODOT Director Jerry Wray
Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor
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Ohio First Dist. Senator Cliff Hites
Ohio Fourth Dist. Rep. Matt Huffman
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