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Project Summary

This project was initiated in 2003 when the Allen County Engineer (ACE) received $1 million in federal funding to replace the Shawnee Road Bridge No. SHA-152-3.34, (PID No. 77305) for FY 2012.  This bridge was built in 1958 and is deficient from both deterioration and because it is too narrow for the 14,000+ vehicles that use it every day.  Because this deficient bridge is located at the intersection of Fort Amanda Road, which was the #1 crash location in the County for 2004-2007, additional safety funds were requested to improve the safety and capacity through the corridor.  In addition to being the #1 crash location, this intersection has been listed as the #1 safety priority for the County.

In 2005, the ACE received a $250,000 grant from ODOT’s Highway Safety Program to fund the preliminary engineering of the Shawnee Road Corridor.  We began this project with a Corridor Study utilizing ODOT’s Major Project Development Process (PDP) to ensure all needs of the area were being considered.  Through the process, we selected our Preferred Alternative from the three feasible alternatives that we developed with public involvement.

Our selection provided the following:

The project also provides:

To help with the cost, we secured an additional grant of $310,000 in funding from the ODOT District Safety Program Committee in October 2008.  We also secured a grant of $875,000 for Right-of-Way acquisition and Utility Relocation.  The county engineer’s office has also applied for a grant of $435,000 and an interest-free loan of $500,000 from the Ohio Public Works Commission (OPWC) for the construction of the round-about.

The proposed project improvements include converting the existing signalized intersection into a round-about with two-lane entries and exits and the construction of a 3-span, 4-lane bridge over the Ottawa River.  As part of this project, a pedestrian / bikeway will be constructed along the west and south sides of the round-about and will extend an additional 1200 feet east along the south side of Ft. Amanda Road until it connects with an existing 13.2 mile walk / bikeway that meanders through the City of Lima.  This project will be the first round-about in our ODOT District and is scheduled for construction in FY 2014 at an estimated cost of $6.2 million dollars.  This price includes the roadway, bridge, pedestrian / bikeway connector, right-of-way and utility relocation costs.  While this project has regional priority, it is important to note that we also have regional support for the project.  We have received funding commitments from multiple funding sources including; LBR, STP, HSP, CMAQ, OPWC, County and Township funds.  For example, the engineering and construction costs for the pedestrian / bikeway connector have been committed by Shawnee Township and the future maintenance has been committed by the local Park District.

Estimated Bridge Construction Cost:
Estimated Roadway Construction Cost:
Constuction Contract Sale Date:
April, 2014
Completion of Construction:
Spring, 2015


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